Exhibition “DIFFERENT – IDENTICAL“ with Martin Allen, herman de vries and Sylvia Peter im Forum Botanische Kunst 2014

Since 1998 Sylvia Peter has focused her artwork on the world of plants. Her oeuvre comprises large-scale plant portraits as well as small cabinet pieces. She seeks mainly wild flowers or branches of native trees and shrubs in her surroundings. Her inspiration is drawn from the region Allgäu, where she grew up and still visits regularly, or in her adopted home, the Franconia wine region.

Her connection to the botanical art scene began in 2001 when Dr. Shirley Sherwood acquired her painting Spitzwegerich (ribwort plantain). In 2008 Dr. Sherwood invited the artists represented in her collection to the opening of the Shirley Sherwood gallery in Kew Gardens, London. The contacts Sylvia Peter made there became the base of the Forum Botanische Kunst, a gallery she founded together with her husband, Michael Junginger, in 2009. Here Sylvia Peter presents works of distinguished botanical artist fellows from Europe, the USA and Japan in temporary exhibitions.

Sylvia Peter’s studio and gallery are housed in a grand winegrower’s house dating from the Renaissance. She and her husband restored it lovingly in cooperation with the national office for listed buildings.

During the exhibitions in spring and autumn, the gallery and studio can be visited on Saturday, Sunday and on holidays from 1 – 6 pm and by appointment.

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Sylvia Peter is a member of the Société Française d’Illustration Botanique (SFIB) and the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), for which she works on the steering committee of the international exhibition project "Botanical Art Worldwide"

The gallery - main room. Image: Florian Hammerich
The gallery - the white barn. Image: Marion Nickig
The studio in the yard. Image: Marion Nickig
Image: Marion Nickig
Landscape near Thüngersheim. Image: Marion Nickig